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Mismatched Washi Tape Charms for Paint Fill - 10 pce Pack

Mismatched Washi Tape Charms for Paint Fill - 10 pce Pack

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Hanging Hole


50mm Tall x 15mm at widest

may be ordered with the following hole options




You will receive 10pce - makes 5 MISMATCHED Pairs.

10 pce pack will be of material colour - 5pce Spots and 5pce Stripes

NOTE: This is a DIY item. You will not received painted pieces as per the photographs.

Instructions: You will need quality acrylic paint pens - UniPosca or Molotow All4one - Tip size Medium will suit you needs for these particular designs.

Excitedly open your crafty cuts order.

{image 2 and 3}

Notice the cut has brown paper mask applied to both sides, there is a smooth masked side and the other other side has an etched pattern - The etched side is where you start to add your fave colours. Whilst leaving the brown paper mask on ( this protects the un-etched surface), start to gently colour in the etched out areas in your chosen colour theme - you can use just one colour or use multi colours.

You don't need to worry about keeping within the etched areas as the paper mask is there for protection and stops any paint bleeding. Sometimes bleeding may occur around the paper mask edge if you have have over filled etch - but this is easily removed - and I will tell you how in a few more steps.

Once you are happy with your paint filled areas - allow paint to dry at least to 90% - I know you just want to get in there and peel that paper layer off, but wait a good hour. Leaving it sit till 100% Dry or overnight can cause paint to harden over the masked areas resulting in the lifting the paint out of etched area when removing the mask.

{image 3}
Once paint is almost dry - gently peel back paper mask, use tweezers if that helps. The paper will lift away revealing your swanky new painted pattern.

Now its clean up time - if you find any paint has bleed through onto the smooth acrylic you can use a baby wipe to gently buff away. Acrylic paint is plastic based and is self sealing and water proof - so you wont need to seal your acrylic further. You can however if you fancy apply a top coating of doming resin which can further enhance your pieces.

You can also use good quality Tubes of acrylic paint and a paint brush - its best to paint with a brush over a few thin layers to build up colour, allowing paint to completely dry in between coats. Try using metallic paints or glitter paints.

© Crafty Cuts Laser - Original designs remain the property of Crafty Cuts Laser and may not be copied or reproduced by a third party or used for mold casting. See our FAQ “legal Bits” section for Allowed and Not Allowed uses.

NOTE: Paint-filling is not suited for use on MATTE and Frosted Acrylics due to adhesions and cleanup issues. Gloss acrylics work best for this technique.

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