T & C at Checkout

Not Allowed Uses

  1. No Copying of Designs: You cannot reproduce any of our original designs by using a third party, such as asking another laser company to copy our shapes for recutting. All original design have © in the product title description.
  2. No Molds of Designs: You cannot create or cast molds of any of our copyrighted original designs with the intention of making and reselling those copied items.   All original design have © in the product title description.
  3. No Selling Molds: You cannot cast molds of our copyrighted original designs and sell those molds to a third party.
  4. No Resale of Wholesale Supplies: Crafty Cuts wholesale supplies may not be resold as wholesale supplies.
  5. No Trademark Registration: You may not register as a trademark any items purchased from Crafty Cuts Laser.

Allowed Uses

  1. Creating Products for Resale: Crafty Cuts items may be used in their original form to create jewelry and accessories for retail resale.

By ordering from Crafty Cuts, you agree to our Terms & Conditions of Usage. Customers found in breach of our copyright can be issued a cease and desist letter or an invoice ranging from $100 to $500 to cover the cost of an extended license purchase. We can also report these copied items to your website host or Etsy