Laser cut shapes for every occasion.

Hey there! Have you seen the latest laser blanks from Crafty Cuts Laser? They're seriously fun! 😄 Get ready to unleash your creativity with our fun shapes, perfect for jewelry-making entrepreneurs like yourself. 🛍️ We've got the latest must-have designs to make building your brand's earring collections a breeze. Let's make jewellery making even more fun and exciting! ✨

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Laser Vibes 2024: Fresh Earring Shapes!

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Online Laser Cut Shapes for Jewellery Makers

Here, you'll discover the most playful assortment of laser-cut blanks, all designed with jewellery-making entrepreneurs like you in mind. With 17 years in the laser biz, I've curated a massive collection of designs and offer 220 materials that are sure to ignite your creative spark.

Since 2007 Crafty Cuts Laser has proudly supplied over 2800 fashion accessory brands worldwide - our focus is strictly Laser Cut Parts - That's where we shine. I am all about that Laser Cut Parts life. 🎉 Being a specialist in what I do isn't just a choice; it's a commitment to delivering a way better laser blanks service to my customers.

Crafty Cuts Laser = Fun Products and Serious Professionalism.

Get started today, simply sprinkle some pre-designed shapes to add a dash of fun to your brand's aesthetic or get ready to start crafting your very first acrylic jewellery line!
I am here to be your creative accomplice.

Explore our website and have a fun discovering the perfect sparkle for your customers!

xo Bec ⚡️