Why Crafty Cuts Laser?

What's kickin', amazing creators?!

Thanks for dropping by Crafty Cuts Laser, A one-woman show brought to life by yours truly, Bec. Hiiii! 

At Crafty Cuts Laser, I am all about fun laser-cut shapes  that you can turn into super fun jewellery masterpieces.

Why Kick It with Crafty Cuts Laser?

Design Geek Extraordinaire Since '99: With a diverse background in designing high street retail fashion accessories for both Australian and international brands.

✨  I'm a Secret Design Ninja: As a current ghost designer for some big  retailers, I've got the insider deets on what's hot and what's hotter. 

⏰✂️ Unlock Efficiency with Crafty Cuts Laser: Crafty Cuts Laser is here to be your creative ally.  Our shapes are perfect for Solo crafters or the masterminds behind a thriving jewellery empire doing all the things all the time! Let Crafty Cuts take some of the pressure off by filling in those creative gaps, ensuring you always have an impressive selection of fun  jewellery for your customers.  We get it – everyone hits a creative block now and then and our pre-designed shapes are like a toolbox for your imagination, helping you fine-tune your creativity and stay ahead in the business game. ✨🎨

✨  OG Laser Cut Jewellery Blanks Trailblazer Vibes since 2007 
Amidst the vibrant energy of today's laser craft community, here's a little secret straight from the heart – Crafty Cuts Laser has been sprinkling magic onto laser jewellery components long before it became a trend. In our belief, there's room for everyone to shine, and we take immense pride in being  one of the trailblazers who set the stage for the industry as you know it today. 🌟✂️

✨  Totally Chill: My social media following may be small but they are mighty, and of course you're totally invited  join and you can find me @craftycutslaser on IG. I admit, I'm not the best at keeping up with posting - when I am not on insta I am generally keep the website looking cute tho!

✨  I am Laser-Focused, Literally:  Crafty Cuts Laser is just me - always me, and super laser-focused on giving you the raddest laser-cut jewellery supplies. But hey, let's keep it real. We know not everyone's jumped the Crafty Cuts train, and that's a-okay. Because, let's be honest, being a one-stop-shop for all jewellery making supplies makes things a bit cookie-cutter, so being a specialist in what I do isn't just a choice; it's a commitment to delivering a way better service to my customers.

So if you are ready to add a splash of fun to your creative journey? Crafty Cuts Laser is like a VIP pass to the fun zone! 🌈✂️

Big virtual hugs and high-fives,

Bec 😎  Crafty Cuts Laser