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Scallop Shells - 10 Pairs

Scallop Shells - 10 Pairs

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Sweet shell silhouettes - 13mm Tall x 13mm Wide

You will receive 10 Pairs in your chosen colour.

ALL 10 Pairs will be of the same colour/material

Each cut comes with a protective paper coating that is easily removed. Acrylic cuts have a dot score mark gluing guide - it helps the glue adhere stronger to your chosen findings.

Recommend Post Size - 6mm to 8mm Maximum

3mm Thickness and available in our *full material range - view our available materials here

Mini shapes less than 15mm are not suitable for mirror acrylic - you can order a 15mm version of these clam shells via here

© Crafty Cuts Laser - Original designs remain the property of Crafty Cuts Laser and may not be copied or reproduced by a third party or used for mold casting. See our FAQ “legal Bits” section for Allowed and Not Allowed uses.

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