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Crafty Cuts Laser Pty Ltd

SEE THROUGH PolkaDot - Blue

SEE THROUGH PolkaDot - Blue

Blue, Pink, Gold and Iridescent foil dots suspended in a clear acrylic base  - Iridescent dots will reflect blues, greens oranges and yellows depending on how the light hits the acrylic.

This acrylic is SEE-THROUGH and has large areas of clear acrylic that will show through any glued on attachments.

There will be sparse and heavier areas of foil concentration randomly throughut on your cuts, this in unavoidable and part of the suppliers manufacturing process which Crafty Cuts has no control over.

Both sides are same front and back

approx 3mm THICKNESS

Disadvantages of Freckle Acrylic:

  • Glitter Foil density will vary  greatly from piece to piece. Your pieces WILL contain lots of clear areas and we cannot guarantee glitter placement maybe suitable for your requirements. All laser cuts in this material are final and we cannot replace items if you are unhappy with glitter density.

  • ONLY available in MED and Large Shapes

  • Comes with a protective tape or film coating that will need to be peeled off.

  • May contain small air bubbles along the cut edges  and  the surface may not be completely smooth. This is caused during manufacture.

  • Premium Laser Charge - This material requires special settings and does take longer on the laser.

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