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Hey, You... What's up? 

Scroll through to see if I have answered your Q's. If not then pop through your message at the bottom of the page :)

Just a friendly SUPER DUPER FRIENDLY reminder :)  For general queries please see our FAQ page first as you may already find the answer you need there. 

In short... but sweet xo

Its a strict 24 hours that I hold your order open if you find you need to add something else. If you need to add extras within 24 hours you must send through  separate order through the site (no emails please) and I will refund any extra postage - sometimes a refund is due sometimes you will be liable for extra postage charges. Orders out side of the 24 hours  automatically go onto the next round of processing which is our standard 5 day process - we can most certainly ship double orders together but the original order is held until the subsequent order is cut.

Sorry, no adding extra holes outside of what is listed. The crafty cuts range is so vast and already set up in our laser computer, making changes to designs means I am not on the laser cutting orders. If you do require extra holes you can easily add them yourself using a small hobby drill. Crafty cuts shapes are strictly sold as you see listed.

No, I don't make my shapes larger than the sizes listed. Our business is based on small laser cuts.

No custom cutting shapes and designs is not a service Crafty Cuts offers.

No, it's just not possible to offer a rush service for orders. I work on a planned out 48-hour schedule with the laser cutting being fully booked every day that I am on it. 

No, I don't have that Chunky Glitter Foil Acrylic  - This is not a material I plan on adding in the immediate future. 

How long will my order take? 
Every single laser cut item you order needs to be cut meaning we don't carry finished stock ready to ship.  It's up to 3 working days to process the order and prepare files +  up to 3 Days to Cut + Pack. Then Allow for Australia Post Delivery Time.  Days = Working Days that is Monday to Friday.  We currently post orders on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday.

Do you offer wholesale?
Our prices are wholesale but there are bulk discounts that can be applied to your order when required minimum cart spends are met - View our coupon codes HERE

Where can I see your colour range?
To see our full range of available materials click HERE this is the current collection of what colours you can order at Crafty Cuts.

Do you have this shape or that shape?
Try popping your request into our search bar to see what comes up - if the shape you are looking for is unavailable then I do not have that shape as part of the current collection. I can't take on request for particular designs, it's a fine balancing act between having the sit-down time for the product development of new shapes, testing and sampling them and also the daily manufacture of every order. There are always new shapes being added though every month :) but I do have my own vibe at crafty cuts, I just don't cut any ol' shapes though.

I am having trouble adding to my cart or choosing a colour or things are missing from my cart?

CLICK HERE to make sure you have the latest version of JAVA installed and then CLICK HERE to make sure you have it turned on - this is what is stopping you from being able to add colours to cart.

Sometimes when you add an item to your cart in multiple colours and you add them too quickly that your own internet speed just can't cope with how fast you are clicking  - it's always best before you checkout via the click "MY CART" link then scroll down and click update.

Crafty Cuts always requires an up-to-date web browser to make sure that you can use all of our features.

We currently support:

The staff (aka ME ONLY) at Crafty Cuts is the same person who is Designing, prepping and cutting your orders in the studio, packing and popping down to the post office, cleaning, ordering and sourcing materials etc as such I may need up to 24 hours to answer email at times and your patience is greatly appreciated.

xo Crafty Cuts