Turnaround & Shipping


Before you checkout you will be asked to agree with our Turnaround and Shipping as stated below  and that you have an understanding of our materials and the various advantages and disadvantages  - We kindly ask that you do take the time to have a read as you may find this information useful as a reference.

What is turnaround time and how is it different from shipping time?

Turnaround time is the time is the taken to prepare and laser cut your order before it will be ready for shipping.

The turnaround time will begin at 2pm the next business day after your order.  Please only include business days when calculating your turnaround time. Fridays, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays should not be included since there is no production or shipping on these days. Fridays we ship but we do not laser cut on Fridays.

If you are ordering with a tight deadline, you must take note of our  *7 to 10 days Turnaround to plan your orders accordingly. 

The shipping time, on the other hand, is the period between the time your order has been shipped up to the time you receive your order. All orders are shipped via Australia Post you may visit their website direct for further information on their delivery timeframes once we have marked your order as shipped.


Orders Placed after 12 pm each day  start processing the next day at 12pm the next BUSINESS DAY

Processing means the software connected to my site sends off the reports to the outsourced graphics company I use who then prepare and setup all the files that need cutting.  The report is sent automatically at 12pm EACH Friday and Monday.  You have a very small window to correct your mistakes as once your order heads off for processing the graphics  your order is closed. You can not add further to your order.

Orders Placed after 12pm Friday to Sunday do not start processing till the following Monday 12pm. Orders placed over the weekend do have a extra processing time due to Crafty Cuts being closed. So please double check your orders ASAP.


As we allow you to order *very small minimums across 4000 Shapes and 150+ Materials (Awesome right! 🎉)  - it can add considerable handling time to your orders. We offer your small business the flexibility of only buying what you need, testing your ideas or even dipping your toes into a small business adventure - and for this flexibility, our handling times are a just small sacrifice to pay 😊  Every single item we offer is cut to order - meaning we don't carry any premade laser cut shapes that are ready for immediate shipping. I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Every item you order with Crafty Cuts does require individual file set-up  - we set up orders placed over *24hours (12pm to 12pm)  all ganged up in the specific colours we need to cut for your order ( orders can have on average 80 different materials and 15 different laser settings  - which is a lot of handling).

The File setup part can take up 5 days of our turnaround schedule depending on the volume of orders received over that 24 hour period.  Once your order does get on the laser, well that is the quickest part -  after its cut, then I still need to individually pack all your ordered pieces before its ready for shipping.


All orders are treated equally and fairly and are strictly cut in order of day received - Orders can vary greatly in Qty and complexity from order to order - this is out of our control and changes daily.  Sometimes we can be super quick getting out your orders and sometimes they may take a little longer, but it can be a roll of the dice when it comes to how many orders may be ahead of you in the queue.


I currently cut about 20000+ items a week so each daily schedule needs to be sorted and finalised ASAP.

Crafty Cuts is open for ordering from NOON Thursday until NOON Monday AEST - Crafty Cuts is based in Melbourne Australia so you will need to make sure you are aware of my timezone.

It's a strict 24 hours (*our 24 hours runs  12pm til 12pm)  that I hold orders open, so if you do find you need to add something else it must be done within * 24 hours of the original order being placed. 

You must place your top up order through the site  and meet the min $60 and pay the shipping - once we receive it we will verify if we can combine and then refund any extra charges back to your PayPal. Sometimes a refund is due,  sometimes you will be liable for extra postage charges.

A top up is generally under $100  anything over $100 to be fair to any other orders that have been placed in between yours is treated as a new order  and restarts your turnaround from the second order date.

Please do not email top-up requests - simply just go ahead and order what extras you need and leave a note at checkout what your other order number is.

We have special production software built into the site which tells us what files  our graphics people need to prepare for cutting  - by popping your subsequent order for any goodies you may have missed through the site helps us add to your existing order.

Adding to Orders outside of the 24 hours automatically go onto the next round of processing  ( the end of the jobs queue) which  restarts the standard 7 to 10-days  Business DAYS - we can most certainly ship double orders together but the original order is cut first  (as its already been set up and queued) and then it is held from shipping until the subsequent order is cut.


Once the digital laying out of all the files starts, nothing else may be added to an existing order.

Setting up cutting files plans out the daily/weekly cutting schedule. You may think just squeezing an odd pair in here or there is a simple task - think of file set up as the most demented game of Tetris EVER. Crafty cuts on average is managing  20000 items a week to set up for cutting so please understand that we need to have procedures in place.


Due to the popularity of our cuts - Please allow anywhere from 7 and up to 10 business days for orders to be ready. This turn around time does not include Australia Post's shipping time.

Peak times  can sit at 14 Business Day+

Peak Season Times where our turnaround times are extended:  

  • Any time before and after a return from our annual Holidays. Things can get crazy!
  • September to December  Southern Hemisphere Customers and Christmas Season
  • March to September  Northern Hemisphere  Customers

*Saturday cutting starts Mid September

I operate the laser  Monday to Thursdays and Friday's  generally I need to allow for admin days but if I can wrap up admin quickly then I fire up the laser on Fridays for sure. During Peak Season the laser does run 7 days a week.

I Ship Monday, Wednesday and Fridays Only.

I do not cut pack or ship on public holidays or *weekends. 


We are unable to provide a rush service on orders. Just message me with any concerns and I can let you know where you may be sitting on the schedule.


Orders are shipped using Australia Post - we are no longer sending AUSTRALIAN orders without tracking. Once your order is ready for shipping  you will receive an email with all tracking information. 


International orders

International tracking will only be provided when the customer chooses it at checkout and pays the extra charges. You will be given the option of tracking or no tracking.

Standard AIRMAIL from Australia can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Canada has a reputation for 8 weeks for orders to arrive.

We cannot falsify your order value or the contents when shipping overseas.

We do not sell gifts, we are a registered wholesale manufacturer of Craft Supplies and we must mark all orders as Craft Supplies with the true $ Value of the order.  This is Australian Law. 

Please be aware of your own countries import and duties before making your purchases.

Any extra duties incurred are the responsibility of the buyer. You may need to check your own GOVT websites for further information.


Business hours Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm. Crafty Cuts is my full time job and I am always around to answer any email concerns ASAP. Please understand I am operating machinery that cannot be left unattended during operation. I work as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Email is our preferred contact and all emails are answered as a priority  - email us  here.  Messages through social media may go unnoticed so please do email.