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Crafty Cuts Laser Pty Ltd

Half a Dozen Easter Eggs - Choose from 4 patterns.

Half a Dozen Easter Eggs - Choose from 4 patterns.

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Etched Pattern

 etched Easter Eggs cabochons!

You will receive 6 pairs in your chosen etched pattern.

All 6 Pairs  will be of the material colour and etched pattern.

Choose from four different etched pattern. Pictured left to right.

  • Fondant (example shown using Lavender acrylic)
  • Crackle (example shown using Brown acrylic) ( there will be lot's of fiddly paper areas to remove on the crackle design)
  • Carrot (example shown using Orange acrylic)
  • Speckled (example shown using Ivory acrylic)

SIZE: Eggs are 15mm WIDE x 19mm Tall

Solid acrylics are easily paint filled using acrylic paint pens. Each cut will come with etching over a paper film - simply paint in these area with your chosen paint colour, once paint is dry - simply remove paper film to reveal the underneath acrylic material and clean up using a soft baby wipe.

Mirrored acrylics - etched areas are transparent and will show through EVER so slightly any glued on attachments.

NOTE: Paint-filling is not suited for use on MATTE and Frosted Acrylics due to adhesions and cleanup issues. Gloss acrylics work best for this technique.

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