Make sure your browsers are upto when shopping on Crafty Cuts Website - Pretty Please x

Crafty Cuts requires an up-to-date web browser to make sure that you can use all of our features.

We currently support:


We do not recommend using Internet Explorer at this time. We've found it has inconsistencies with running HTML5 and certain JavaScript behaviors used by our host.


One thing to note - after every system upgrade you do  -  even more so when you update your phone and use your home WIFI - is switch off your internet router for a few mins then restart - this clears out any cobwebs with your settings.

Also how long you had that router for???? You may also need to update your router firmware??? Computer times - a - change quicker that you know and of course your service providers aren't going to tell you its time to update your firmware...

Crafty Cuts'  also saving you hours on hold with foreign call centres - YOU ARE MOST WELCOME x

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