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Candy Cane Charms - 4 PAIRS

Candy Cane Charms - 4 PAIRS

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Hanging Hole

Sweet and Twisted Candy Canes with cut out detail, etched detail or solid shape.

45mm Tall - come with handy hanging hole. You will receive 4 pairs  in the same colour - right and left facing.

Cutout and solid shapes can be layered on each other - a layered no hole version is perfect for brooches or maxi stud earrings. Etched shapes can be paint filled on glitter and solid acrylics  or etching can give give you a subtle two tone effect ( see image 2) - Mirror shapes etched from reverse side.

Shown in Grass Green Glitter and Red Glitter ( image 1)  - (Image 2) Etched areas with no paint fill after paper film removed - shown in Green, Red, Spearmint and Raspberry Gloss.

You will receive 4 PAIRS - pairs are left right facing

© Crafty Cuts Laser - Original designs remain the property of Crafty Cuts Laser and may not be copied or reproduced by a third party or used for mold casting.  See our FAQ  “legal Bits”  section for Allowed and Not Allowed uses.

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