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Crafty Cuts Laser Pty Ltd

2.5mm Carbonised Bamboo Ply - Raw - Best for Painting

2.5mm Carbonised Bamboo Ply - Raw - Best for Painting

Material Thickness: 2.5mm  (thickness varies up to 1mm either way between batches)

Bamboo is a natural grass and every batch will differ greatly order to order.

Growing conditions and weather can effect every harvest of Bamboo.

From Order to Order  - you will notice grain will be different, some sheets can be textured some sheets can be smooth, colours will vary and there can be bands of different shades within each laser cut piece which can result in different etched effects order to order. This is the nature of Bamboo Ply.

When you order our Bamboo Ply you are accepting that you are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages.

Deep etching  can be patchy and inconsistent due to the grain of the bamboo and the thickness of the veneered bamboo ply - all deeply etched results will vary greatly between batches due to nature of this material.

Bamboo sheets contain wood knots randomly placed throughout the bamboo sheet. It is not possible to avoid knots.

Bamboo is a grass there will be varying lines and textures on each sheet and greatly varies from batch to batch.

During cutting, marks caused by the hot smoke will leave a brown edge along the cut and engrave lines. This may be removed by using a cotton bud dipped in methylated spirits.

You may need to hand finish further using a fine grade sand paper  to remove small burn marks. 

Bamboo sheet colours can vary from a light honey to darker honey colour so please be aware that every order will vary.

Can be easily painted.

Comes with a protective coating on either one or both sides that will need to be peeled off.

When you receive your order, remember to peel the paper film off BEFORE you glue on your findings. Please check if you shapes have paper on one or both sides.

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