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Baby Fruits - 6 Pair Set - 6 Shapes

Baby Fruits - 6 Pair Set - 6 Shapes

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Hanging Hole
Fruit Shapes
Etched Detail

Adorable baby fruit charms with etched detailing.

These small charms can be ordered with a 2mm Hanging hole or you can order without hanging to make small chunky stud earrings.

etched areas can be paint filled or left as is 

Choose from 6 Fruits:  You will receive 6 pairs in your chosen Shape and material.

Pear 21mm Tall x 16mm Wide shown using MOSS frost
Strawberry 19mm Tall x 18mm Wide shown using WATERMELON frost
Blueberry 18mm shown using JACARANDA frost
Orange 18mm Wide shown using TANGARINE frost
Lemon 21mm Tall x 15mm Wide shown using SUNBEAM frost
Peach 18mm Tall x 18mm Wide shown using BLUSH frost

Hanging Hole Options:
at TOP
LINKING Top & Bottom
NO Hole

Double up fruits for a CUTE two fruit Dangle, Link a trio for a mismatched fruity pair or pop on a little leaf charm as a stud topper  -  little leafs via here

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