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Crafty Cuts Laser

PAINT ME: 16mm Smiley Faces 🙂 - 10 Pair Pack

PAINT ME: 16mm Smiley Faces 🙂 - 10 Pair Pack

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Hanging Hole

16mm Smiley Dots - Laser etched ready for paint filling.

Choose from our full range of solid acrylics.

You will receive 10 PAIRS in your chosen material, shape and colour option/colour.

Yellow and black image shown is just for illustrative purposes only - you will not receive these exact items. To achieve black and yellow smileys you will need to order in sunshine yellow acrylic and paint fill yourself using  black acrylic paint or the likes.

Solid/Pattern Colours will come with paper mask which you can then paint fill.

Solid Pastel - Etching will be on the gloss side  ONLY as the MATTE side is not suitable for paint adhesion

Mirror - will be etched from REVERSE side  - Mirror is NOT suited for PAINTFILL - Etched Areas are transparent and will give a tonal effect when etched. For eg: Flamingo Pink Mirror will have a transparent pink etch area. We etch on the reverse side of MIRROR - etched areas will show through any glued on attachment's

NOTE: Paint-filling is not suited for use on MATTE and Frosted Acrylics due to adhesions and cleanup issues. Gloss acrylics work best for this technique.

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