🚨LATEST GOSS & Happenings

DATE: 3rd November  2021

SOLD OUT Matte  - PETROL, BUTTERSCOTCH, MARSHMALLOW and HEATHER will not be restocked until Feb 2022

DATE: 8th September 2021

DATE: 6th September 2021

Moon Galactic Swirl  has now been discontinued from our range due to production issues. I wont be sourcing a replacement at this stage. There is the  pure white coconut metallic gloss which gives off a solid metallic finish but it does differ a lot from the swirl. 

DATE: 5th September 2021

Sadly Navy Blue is no longer as part of our materials catalogue - I have added a new blue called Baltic blue to t.eh materials collection. Semi opaque blue which will show through on glued attachments ever so slightly - best used for feature bottom parts to statement earrings.


DATE: 16th August 2021

Lake Blue Mirror has now been discontined my supplier  😭 and will be replaced by  beautiful Sky Blue Mirror 😊

OH No! It's all gone. Basil and Carribean Nugget Acrylic gone for ever!

This was always  a super LIMITED EDITION range of materials.


DATE: 12th January 2021

MATTE BLACK - double sided - SOLD OUT. Waiting on delivery from EU which is being held up due to COVID. It has been ordered so it is on the way.

There is another version I have here which is MATTE  on side ONE and GLOSS on side two. If this is not an issue go ahead and order Matte Black  and I will flick you through an email to confirm that you are aware of the substitute Matte/Gloss.


DATE: 17th November 2020

Gloss HAWT pink Neon. Replaced pink with a lighter version called CUPCAKE.


DATE: 16th November 2020

Frosted Fuchsia and Pale Meringue - Discontinued by Supplier

Tabloid & Lumina  Speciality Pattern  - discontinued from the Crafty Cuts material catalogue.



DATE: 22nd September 2020

Shocking Pink  all  now sold out and discontinued from the Crafty Cuts material catalogue.



DATE: 2nd September 2020

Tinsel Town Acrylic is now sold out and discontinued  from the Crafty Cuts material catalogue. Stay tuned for some exciting new glitz  acrylics arriving soon!



DATE: 24th August 2020

Our acrylic supplier has discontinued the  PARTY TIME GLITZ Acrylic and Crafty Cuts is unable to source any further stock of this. WAH!

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  

All current orders with this  particular acrylic will be fulfilled with the last of this stock.