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Crafty Cuts Laser Pty Ltd



Transparent  Tinted Acrylic: 

  • High Gloss Finish.
  • Same colour both sides.
  • See through from front to back.
  • Comes with a protective paper or plastic film coating on one or both sides that will need to be peeled off before use.
  • Can show up marks and scratches easily.

Thickness  2.7mm to 3mm but can vary by up to 10% between batches as a result of the manufacturing process

    Colour is effected by how much light is able to penetrate through the acrylic - acrylic will give off different tones depending on how much light is able to penetrate. For eg; outside in bright sunshine acrylic will appear more transparent - darker conditions will make acrylic appear deeper in tone.

    The swatch images have a direct light source shining through the reverse side.

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