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Crafty Cuts Laser Pty Ltd

Swirl - Azure

Swirl - Azure

A swirly high gloss pearlised marble effect - 3mm Thickness - Slight transparency in some areas.
Marble effect is single sided - due to the nature of how this marble effect is created, areas can have a higher concentration of marbling than others.
Side 1. Has a textured marble swirl effect - each piece pattern effect will be unique across all sheets and all orders

Side 2. Glossy flat pearl sheen in a similar colour tone to the front.
Best suited for use on small, medium and large shapes.


Due to the material structure and how it reacts with the laser - Lighter colours tend to show grey markings in sharp corner areas and curves. Moon, Mauve Nude, Sage and Sugar are very susceptible to this happening. Materials effected are marked with * on the swatch palettes as you add to cart.  At checkout we do ask you to acknowledge that you are aware of the above material disadvantages when  you order.
  • Comes with a protective tape coating that will need to be peeled off.
  • Marble effect is only on one side ( Reverse side has a different effect - Both sides could be used though at your preference)
  • Sheet thickness can vary as a result of the manufacturing process
  • Sheets may contain small flaws and imperfections which are created during the manufacturing process.
  • It is difficult to capture colour correctly; allow for variations between monitor and devices  to actual product.
  • Imported material, so delays may occur with supply from time to time.
  • Material requires extra handling and its own set of unique  laser settings which do incur extra charges.

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