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Paint Fill Teardrop Tears - 2 Pair Set

Paint Fill Teardrop Tears - 2 Pair Set

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Teardrop Tears - Laser cut large tear drop with small teardrop etched detail.

These shapes  can be creatively paint filled - Make cute Rainbow inspired teardrops - maybe add a cut sun  or cloud topper charm. My personal fave would be etching on clear acrylic  and paint filling with multi colour tear drops.

also what about a cute fruit! Watermelon  with a sparkly green top or Strawbs with a sweet white blossom?

Solid and Glitter are etched from TOP side and easily paint filled   - Mirror is etched from reverse side and give a nice tonal etched effect.

29mm Wide x 50mm Tall. You will receive 2 pairs in your chosen material.

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