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Mirror Acrylic - Rose Gold

Mirror Acrylic - Rose Gold

Material Thickness: 3mm (thickness varies up to 1mm either way between batches)

Single Sided Mirror Effect
Gloss mirrored finish on the front, matte grey backing on the reverse side.  (this material comes with a unique set of disadvantages - please see below)

Engraved Mirror Items:
Engraving on mirror leaves a  semi transparent frosted effect. The base layer of the coloured mirror is a tinted acrylic so etched areas will be a lighter tone of the colour you are ordering.  Engraved areas will show though any glued on attachments.

Best suited for small, medium and large shapes  not less than 15mm. We do not offer mirror in any of Mini shapes. The laser injects a lot of heat when cutting and our mini shapes are not suitable.

Protective paper:
Applied front and back to solid shapes  - This will need to be peeled off when received your end.

Etched Shapes - Paper Film applied to front only. Peel off the reveal your chosen mirror colour.


  • As gorgeous as this acrylic is - please bear in mind that originally this acrylic come from the industrial signage industry - this is not a material that was made for jewellery usage - so extra care must be applied when handling and using

  • Mirror will show marks and scratches easily. Scratches to the back of the Mirror will show through on front.
  • I personally do not recommend gluing onto mirror acrylic at all  and  I keep to mirror usage strictly for feature hanging charms. If you do wish to glue you  must  at least  use a non-solvent based glue when adhering findings - but even still this may still show through onto the front surface.  You also risk your glue on attachment peeling off the grey mirror backing

    Our HASULITH glue is UNSUITABLE for glueing on attachments. Please use e-6000 instead.

  • Protective Paper film if left on the grey reverse backing for too long can cause lifting at laser cut edges. Please remove this side ASAP to avoid this possibly happening. You can leave paper on Mirror Side to protect surface until ready for final use.

Cleaning Tips:

For  general purpose cleaning  of Acrylic Mirror simply wash with clean cold water with a little mild washing up detergent. Use a clean microfibre cloth to gently dry off. DO NOT USE  any solvents such as methylated spirits, turpentine, white spirit or window cleaning products  of any kind - as it will cause irreversible surface damage.


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