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Speciality Acrylics - Unicorn Breath Starz

Speciality Acrylics - Unicorn Breath Starz

Iridescent Acrylic - SEE THROUGH ACRYLIC

Stunning Unicorn Breath  STARZ- Radiant Plexiglass (this material comes with a unique set of disadvantages - please see below)

Light and angle activated - can show Full Spectrum Rainbow tones ranging from Orange to Yellow and Green to Hot Pink depending and light source and angle of the acrylic.

Material Thickness: 3mm (thickness varies up to 1mm either way between batches)

Unicorns Breath has a high gloss finish front and back sided . There is thin iridescent film applied over the clear acrylic which is prone to have issues  as listed below.

 changes its colour depending on the viewing angle
 uses ambient light to create its own lighting effects
 produces mirror-like reflections
 shines in every colour of the rainbow
 See through acrylic - suited for Dangle Earrings and Pendants


  • As gorgeous as this acrylic is - please bear in mind that originally this acrylic come from the industrial signage industry - this is not a material that was made for jewellery usage - so extra care must be applied when handling and using.

  • This acrylic has a very thin layer of iridescent film applied over a clear acrylic base  which can peel of the base layer.

  • NO SUITABLE FOR GLUING: I do not recommend gluing attachements directly onto this acrylic - this material is best suited for use as a feature hanging charm. If you do glue you need to ensure that you glue the NON film side - you will need to view acrylic from the cut edge to see which side has the  iridescent film placed on it

  • Easily scratched and may contain small air bubbles - best to avoid prolonged exposure to water and harsh solvents like   Perfumes and Hairsprays.

  • Comes with a protective plastic or paper film  which you will need to carefully remove.


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