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10mm Dot Circle Charms - 10 Pairs

10mm Dot Circle Charms - 10 Pairs

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Hanging Hole

Sweet little 10mm  dot.

All 10 Pairs will be  cut in the same material and hanging Hole option.

  • 10 pair pack = 20 pieces

Choose from:

  • TOP Hanging HOLE
  • Middle Centre Hole ( perfect for hoops and layering on hoops)
  • MIXED: Half with TOP and Half NO HOLE
  • MIXED: Half with TOP and Half with LINKING

    Hanging Hole dimensions 2mm Diameter

    Each cut comes with a protective paper coating that is easily removed. 

    3mm Thickness.

    10mm shapes are not suitable for the Mirror acrylic due to how the heat from the laser reacts with the material. At 10mm size the mirror has a tendency to heat up and cause the hanging hole area  remelt onto its self.

    Mirror - 12mm Dots is the smallest Dot offered in mirror. Please head to 12mm Listing if you require mirrored dots

    You can order Dots in these materials minimum 12mm diameter which can be found via here

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