Cutest Cactus Bezels...Ever!

Cutest Cactus Bezels...Ever!

Set of 2 - Two piece Cameo/Bezel/Cabochon/Tray Setting.

Easily turn these into unique Brooches, Pedants, Rings or Earrings Trying using vintage wallpaper, fabric, book pages and more.

To turn these bezels into pendants simply use a glue on bail for a more professional finish.

HOLD UP - WAIT A MINUTE! We will also include the internal cutout piece which you can order with or without a hanging hole -  Use for an extra set of matching earrings, pendants or rings. You're Welcome :)

Cameo/Bezel  40mm Tall x 30mm Wide

You will receive 2 sets of  Bamboo Cactus  Bezels in your chosen finish

Will require assembly - good quality craft glue suitable for wood is perfect for finishing these items.

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