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Crafty Cuts Laser

Put a ring on it! 4 pce Set - 4 Designs - 4 Sizes

Put a ring on it! 4 pce Set - 4 Designs - 4 Sizes

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Laser cut ring blanks - multi use.

Use as fun minimal rings, embed into resin molds to make ring bases, use as fun earring finds to link onto hoops or jumprings. Maybe even layer different materials together.

CRAFTY CUTS  PRO TOP TIP:  I would a TOTALLY AVOID using mirror acrylic for making rings as the materail is quiet fragile and the mirror surface is prone to scratching. Also Unicorn Breathe - Iridescent would be a HARD NO too due to the laminated surface.  I have made these materials  available as ordering options for those of you who may like these shapes for earring components. But once again for those at the back NO NO NO for rings  in MIRROR or IRIDESCENT.

Listing is for 4 pieces in your chosen Shape and Size - you will also receive the internal dot shape - perfect for stud earrings.

Flat Top

Mixed - All same Shape and one of each size.

Sizing Breakdown:

Flat Top S:  20.5mm x 24.2mm + internal 15.5mm
Flat Top M: 24mm x 28mm + internal 17.5mm
Flat Top L:  26mm x 30mm + internal 19mm
Flat Top XL: 28.5mm  x 33mm + internal 21mm

Circle S: 22mm + internal 15.5mm
Circle M: 25mm + internal 17.5mm
Circle L: 26mm  +  internal 19mm
Circle XL:  28.5mm internal 21mm

Hilly S: 20.5mm x 24.5mm + internal  15.5mm
Hilly M: 24mm x 28.5mm + internal 17.5mm
Hilly L:  26mm x 31mm + internal 19mm
Hilly XL:  28.5mm 33.5mm + internal 21mm

Square S:  20.5mm + internal 15.5mm
Square M:  24mm + internal 17.5mm
Square L:  26mm + internal 19mm
Square XL:  29mm internal 21mm

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