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Pattern Acrylic - Fiesta

Specialty Patterned Acrylic Acetate Sheets layered  in-between  two cast acrylic sheets. Lustrous, shimmery effect - Sheets are semi transparent - all white are are are 100% see through. Pattern placement will vary from order to order

IMPORTANT: This material may not be  NOT SUITABLE for shapes less than 20mm. The pattern placement is large and sparse. Please be advised if ordering less than 20mm you may just receive pieces that contain large areas of ONE colour only. We cannot accept returns on these cuts if you are unhappy with how the pattern placement turns out in your order.

Front and back side have a similar effect.

High Gloss

Material Thickness: 3mm (thickness varies up to 1mm either way between batches)

  • These materials will show through any glued on attachments.  Materials are best suited for making hanging statement earrings or pendants. We do not refund or replace cuts because there are clear areas in your final pieces.

  • Due to the material structure and how it reacts with the laser  - Lighter colours tend to show grey markings in sharp corner areas and curves.

  • Pattern placement is random - so please allow for variations from piece to piece. Every cut piece will differ, every order will differ.

  • The surface may have small flaws which are part of the manufacturing process. We do as you at checkout that you are aware and accept these disadvantages.

  • ALL cuts will arrive with a protective paper coating that will require peeling.

  • Imported material, so delays may occur with supply.  Bulk orders may require extended turnaround times due to stock availability at time of order. Please confirm large purchases before ordering.

  • Premium Laser Charge - This material requires special settings and handling.