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Premium Jewellery Glue - BEST GLUE EVER!

Premium Jewellery Glue - BEST GLUE EVER!

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This is the best glue you can ever use for making small acrylic earrings using our mini cuts!

E6000 is not the best on our mini delicate pieces when adhering plastic to a metal post.

Don't get me wrong E6000 is still a great glue to use... But save E6000 for use on  bamboo/woods cuts, cuts with a larger surface area and earring studs with a surface area over 12mm+, brooch pins and flat back buttons.

Hasulith IS THE BEST for our mini and small acrylic cuts that are less than 12mm!

This AMAZING glue is solvent based (contains acetone) and ever so slightly eats into the surface of plastics making adhesion super strong - I personally have glued over 100000 ( Yep 100000! Correction 200000 since earrings are pairs) earring components in the past 10 years and this was my trade secret!

This is not 100% perfect, but I could easily say 98% :)

Each tube is 30ml comes with super handy small built-in nozzle - glue is a gel type consistency - just a small drop on the end of your finding and gently place onto your piece - make sure you don't push all the way down {SEE IMAGE 2}  - you must leave a small layer of glue between the back of your piece and the finding and try to let it cure for at least 48 hours before popping onto backer card - it will dry in a few hours but the perfectionist in me likes to leave it to sit and dry a bit longer.

The only time I have had issues with the post coming off is when I did not apply enough glue. Also, make sure the finding is the correct size for the item you are glueing to - you need the correct surface tension so the post does not break off going in and out of your customer's ears. For eg: Don't be glueing a 4mm Post to an item that is 10mm plus  (6mm post pad  at min but 8 or 10mm Better) - make  sure your post-matches as close as possible  to the size  of the item  you are glueing onto. It is super important that you are also  using the correct earring backer fastener  - switching to a large plastic disc earring backs and using a 4mm Post pad - you may find you come across issues -  as the pressure you need to apply to the disc when removing earrings from ear may be to strong.

Germany Made!

Not recommended for PE, PP, PVC, PA, rubber or foamed polystyrene -

NOT SUITABLE FOR USE on Polymer clay as it is made from PVC - you will need to use the Google that comes with your internet on what glue is best with Poly Clay as it's not a material I am familiar gluing.


Hasulith glue is solvent based and contains acetone it is not suitable for use on fabric, painted or coated materials (ie our deluxe printed acrylic or Mirror acrylic ) also it is not suitable on glass cabochons with paper image. E6000 is your best bet on these items

Hasulith glue will eat into the surface which is great for solid items using wood or acrylic.

This glue is very fumy - open windows folks or a wear mask - otherwise woooweeeee! Like having a few too many wines then a headache later. Also, don't use if you have just had a manicure! this stuff will trash your nail varnish.

I am only shipping this item within Australia due to Australia Post ludicrous international post rate

If you have any questions at all - please don't hesitate to DM me

© Crafty Cuts Laser - Original designs remain the property of Crafty Cuts Laser and may not be copied or reproduced by a third party or used for mold casting.  See our FAQ  “legal Bits”  section for Allowed and Not Allowed uses.

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