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Freckle Glitz - Aqua

Freckle Glitz - Aqua

A thick layer of 2mm super sparkly polka dot glitter pieces  layered onto clear acrylic.

Glitter is  Blue, Aqua and Gold with a smattering of holographic glitter dots which give off a multi  rainbow glitzy effect when exposed to light.

The multi colour effect you see is from the sunlight hitting the surface. STUNNING!

When you receive  your cuts they will appear just Blue,Aqua and gold - so keep this is mind.

Stunning lustrous gloss finish. The acrylic has two sides - meaning it has a front an back.

Side ONE  Is clear acrylic with the super shiny glitter showing through - the glitter sits behind the clear acrylic - looking through.

Side TWO  is a coated layer of super sparkly glitter pieces.

There is a front and back side to the SUPA GLITZ range.  One side show dense covering of glitter which is super sparkly, the reverse side is clear acrylic that will show through glitter but is a different effect. Up to you which side you prefer to use.

Edges are clear - and may contain small air pockets but you will have a thin dark line where laser cuts through the glitter coated side of acrylic ( see below image)

Approx. 2.5 to 3  mm in thickness due to the layering of the glitter spread. - may vary slightly from batch to batch. This material can be thicker than a standard materials range

Premium charges apply for this material as it requires special handling and specific laser settings.

Available for small, medium and large shapes

Unavailable for our use on our mini shapes.

Image 3 - Reference for scale of glitter pieces using a 15mm Dot

Image 4: Glitter size and density when compared to our regular single sided glitter.


At checkout you are acknowledging  that you are aware of the below material disadvantages when  you order.

When you are ordering this material please take note of the below.

  • May contain very small gaps showing areas clear acrylic.

  • Due to the random placement of glitter no two cuts will be identical.

  • Due to the manufacturing process, pieces can have an uneven surface. This is not a fault but the nature of the material.

  • Small air holes may be found within the acrylic or along sides when cut. 

  • Side will show a very thin dark line where laser has cut through the glitter ( see image below)
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