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Crafty Cuts Laser Pty Ltd

Shatter Glitz - Chilli

Shatter Glitz - Chilli

Chilli Shatter Glitz is made with 'shards' of  Red coloured foil glitter cast in acrylic  spread over a black solid backing.

Acrylic is predominately solid (meaning very little or no show through) making it perfect for hiding glue on findings like post pads and brooch pins.

Material Thickness: 3mm (thickness varies up to 1mm either way between batches)

  • Super  fun shimmery,  glitter effect.
  • Cuts well and leaves a clean, smooth edge line that shows the glitter core colour on the side edges.
  • Gloss Finish front and back.
  • Comes with a protective tape coating that will need to be peeled off.
  • Glitter is only on one side ( Reverse is  solid Black)
  • Glitter density will vary from sheet-to-sheet  and vary from order to order.
  • Sheet thickness can vary as a result of the manufacturing process
  • It is difficult to capture colour correctly; allow for variations between monitor and devices  to actual product.
  • Due to the hand poured nature of this  acrylic and the placement of the glitter,  the surface may not be completely smooth in areas. It may be represented as dents or ripples across the front or reverse sides
  • Imported material, so delays may occur with supply.
  • Premium Laser Charge - This material requires special settings and handling.
At checkout we do ask you to acknowledge that you are aware of the above material disadvantages when  you order.
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