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Match Made! - Facet Glam 4 Pair Set

Match Made! - Facet Glam 4 Pair Set

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Match Made!  Facet Glam Set  - with two fun  assembly options

Make a 3 part statement dangle or

Make a 2 part statement dangle and one pair of small studs earrings

Choose Two different materials - or order all 4  pairs n the same  material - it's up to you, you will receive TWO pairs in material one and Two Pairs in material two.

Mix and match glitter, mirrors, frosted and solids  - have fun choosing your two colour combos.

One Set Consists of: (12 assorted pieces per colour) 

21 mm x 11mm Tall Facet Dot  x 2 pair per colour
24mm  x 30mm  Tall Facet Arch    x 2 pair per colour
14mm  Facet Dot for stud earrings   x 2 pair per colour - Fits MAX 10mm Post Pad
or  12mm x 16mm Facet Teardrop

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