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Briquette - 2 pair Set

Briquette - 2 pair Set

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Briquette Set

Chunks of fun - 3 piece statement stud dangle. Sold as a TWO PAIR SET.

You will recieve 12 parts to create two pairs of statement earrings or use a seperate pieces with other fund findings.

May be ordered in the following sets:

Solid Bricks (Two Pairs)
Spotty Dotty Cut-outs  (Two Pairs)
Spotted etched for paint filling (Two Pairs)
MIX Dotty Cutout and Solid (one pair of each)
MIX Dotty Paint-fill and Solid (one pair of each)

Each Briquette is 19mm wide x 24mm tall and fits MAX 8mm Post pad

Solid Acrylics are best suited to paint filling.  Etched Dots on mirror acrylic is done from reverse side and will give you a two tone frosted dot effect. 

When assembled as pictured length is approx. 7cm in length.


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