Website Offline - 7am APRIL 13 until 10am MAY 3 2018

I am hoping this does not cause too much inconvenience and my sincere apologies if this has caught you out unawares. There is never a good time for a small business to take some well needed time out to catch up on life things and recharge well depleted batteries.

All orders for April have now been cut and shipped. The last of the notifications with tracking (if you have tracking) will be emailed to your address on file by 2pm Friday 20th April.

I will be back in the office and on email Monday 7th May and will answer any Q's or concerns you may have then. 😊

Unfortunately it is not possible to remain open for orders whilst on vacation, but you will be able to start ordering again from the 🗓 3rd May.

⚡️ with Laser Cutting starting 9th May.

📦 and Shipping starting from 11th May.

On the 3rd May you will be able to use 🖥 password login EARLYBIRD. This code will not work until 10am 3rd May 🙃 When you login for pre ordering you accept the above dates that our cutting and shipping will recommence for May. One thing to note is we will experience a high volume orders on our return, so if you are in urgent need I would suggest ordering as soon as our login is open again. It is also very common to have extended turnaround for the first few weeks back after a break so please bear with me. Login area can be found by scrolling down WAY DOWN to bottom of this page 👇 to " 🔒 Enter using password " EARLYBIRD is the password you will need

🙏 Thank-you so much for your understanding and thank you so, so much for all our continued support 🙌.

xo Bec ⚡️I'll be back...

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