Crafty Cuts Laser

Hi There!

Our laser cuts are in high demand and we are currently fully booked in our cutting schedule for the next 3 weeks (13/11) - we are working as fast as possible to get through all orders. You may still order but there will be delays at this stage. ALL orders placed prior to the 13 Nov looking at minimum 14 Business Days before they may be ready for shipping. All orders placed after the 13th Nov are at least 3 week wait before they may be ready. There is no way I can rush - do a favour - or allow you to jump the queue I am afraid. I will answer any email queries as a priority if you have Q's or concerns. All changes to our turnaround will be posted on our site.

TO ENTER THE SITE - please login below using PASSWORD: CRAFTYCUTS

Thank-you all so much for your orders and understanding! and THANK-YOU so much for loving Crafty Cuts like you do :) You are A-FREAKING-MAZNG! Wowsers what a year for Crafty Cuts!

PLEASE READ BELOW - Pretty please take a quick read πŸ˜€

Every single item is cut to order - We don't carry pre-cuts of any designs at all - ever - there is no stock ready to ship immediately unless its glue or our earring posts. If your order is only for metal findings or glue only please email after your order so we can get this out right away.

It’s not possible to combine multiple orders unless they are received within 24 hours of the original order. Orders outside 24hours will be treated as a subsequent order and shipped separately.

INTERNATIONAL ORDER DEADLINE - HAS CLOSED - You can still order but standard International Shipping may take up to 20 days to arrive once posted so please plan accordingly taking into consideration 14 BUSINESS DAYS before shipping. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY ARRIVING IN TIME.

Please be aware that some colours or designs (Mainly Christmas Theme, Deluxe Etched and Mirror) may sell out and will not be able to be restocked until 2018. If a qty is displayed on a particular design, then that is the available QTY we have left to order. Some Deluxe items do take a lot longer to laser so at this stage until we get through all current orders the qty you can order will be limited.

TO ENTER THE SITE - please login below using PASSWORD: CRAFTYCUTS

Thanks again for your understanding!

XO Bec