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Crafty Cuts Laser

Premium Glitz: Baby Twilight Charms - 2 Pair

Premium Glitz: Baby Twilight Charms - 2 Pair

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Hanging Hole


25mm Diameter - shown in our Frosted Tangerine, Fuchsia and Sunbeam

You will receive TWO PAIR ( 4 pieces = 2 pair) in your chosen hole placement and material colour.

Available in 4 hole options.

NO HOLE - perfect for making Maxi sized stud earring

TOP HOLE - great for small dangle earring

TOP & BOTTOM HOLE - Attach tassels or beads to embellish further

BOTTOM HOLES - Add a tassel or two an make a WOW pair of maxi sized studs.

Available in MAXI version via here

© Crafty Cuts Laser - Original designs remain the property of Crafty Cuts Laser and may not be copied or reproduced by a third party or used for mold casting. See our FAQ “legal Bits” section for Allowed and Not Allowed uses.

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