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Crafty Cuts Laser

Dog Park Days Charms - 15 Canine Pals to choose from.

Dog Park Days Charms - 15 Canine Pals to choose from.

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Doggo Shape
Hanging Hole

Laser cut Dog silhouette's perfect for making woofing cute statement earrings.

Choose from 15  different pooches.  Solid silhouette shape with or without a Top hanging holes and choose from TWO Sizes.

Order from out full range of materials.  

You will receive enough parts to make two pairs. 2mm Top hanging hole makes for easy attachment onto your favourite findings - hoops, hooks, studs order without hole for brooches or statement studs.

Sizing Large - 2 Pair Set

Lola - 28mm widest x 50mm Tall 
Winston - 28mm wide x 50mm Tall 
Milo - 31mm wide x 50mm Tall
Minnie  - 25mm wide x 50mm Tall
Angus - 28mm wide x 50mm Tall 
Monty - 26mm wide x 50mm Tall 
Charlie - 27mm wide x 50mm Tall 
Daisy  - 32mm wide x 50mm Tall 
Percy  - 25mm wide x 55mm Tall
Pickles- 25mm wide x 55mm Tall

Coco  - 25mm wide x 53mm Tall 
Wilma  - 25mm wide x 56mm Tall 
Penny - 25mm wide x 52mm Tall 
Louie- 26mm wide x 52mm Tall 

Brutus - 25mm wide x 50mm Tall 

Sizing Small - 4 Pair Set

Lola - 17mm widest x 30mm Tall 
Winston -18mm wide x 30mm Tall 
Milo - 19mm wide x 30mm Tall
Minnie  - 16mm wide x 30mm Tall
Angus - 17mm wide x 30mm Tall 
Monty - 16mm wide x 30mm Tall 
Charlie - 17mm wide x 30mm Tall 
Daisy  - 21mm wide x 31mm Tall 
Percy  - 15mm wide x 30mm Tall

Pickles - 15mm wide x 30mm Tall
Coco  - 16mm wide x 33mm Tall 
Wilma  - 16mm wide x 34mm Tall 
Penny - 15mm wide x 31mm Tall 
Louie- 16mm wide x 31mm Tall 
Brutus - 15mm wide x 30mm Tall 

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