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LAST CHANCE - Biggies or Smalls Hoops - 4 pair Set

LAST CHANCE - Biggies or Smalls Hoops - 4 pair Set

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Biggie Smalls printed onto 3mm Clear Acrylic

Choose from 2 sizes:

Biggie Hoop 45mm Diameter
Smalls Hoop 26mm Diameter

FOUR pairs of  either Biggie Hoops  or 4 FOURS pairs of Smalls Hoops

Choose from 6 colourways:

  • Cloudland ( Baby Blue)
  • Smiley Faces ( Baby Pink)
  • Rainbow Stripes ( Multi-Colour)
  • Lavender and Blue Spotty
  • Pink and Red Spotty

Add your own  favorite  charm topper  shape for making statement stud dangles

SOLD with SET  placement hanging hole only - which is situated at top

Items are sold as-is - these are ready-made - we do not offer further customizations to any of our ready to ship printed items.

Pieces will come with protective paper film on ONE side.

Ink has been UV cured for durability but will still be subject to issues if not handled correctly. Avoid perfumes, hairspray etc  and store nicely to avoid scratching etc.

There will be a 1 to 2mm border of unprinted area around the edges of the acrylic - this is to protect the ink from the heat of the laser when cutting.

I do not recommend GLUING onto printed surface. Use these printed parts as your hero peice and add your own fun toppers.

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